Lily’s Products


Lily’s favourite sugar decoration, Let’s start decorate!

Baking & Tea Moments

Lily’s favourite Foodnotes, have a sparkling day!

Tea moment

(Deutsch) Lily’s Tasty Tea Collection Geschenkbox, probiere sie alle. Genieße es!

Tea moment

Lily’s Tea Tubes, enjoy a cup of tea!

Tea moment

Lily’s Tea to go, enjoy every moment!

Tea moment

Lily’s Tea Spa, time to relax with a cup of tea!

Mug Cakes

Miam-miam; Lily’s Mugcake 3 assorti.

Bundt cakes

Lily’s creamy carrot Bundt Cake


Lily’s Cookies Baking Kit.

Bundt cakes

Lily’s Raspberry Yoghurt Bundt Cake